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The Biketober Challenge


Hosted by ACU Sport in conjunction with The Track, aims to motivate ACU students and staff to:

  • be physically active
  • connect with each other
  •  provide friendly competition
  • encourage everyone to see cycling as a mode of transport.

The Biketober Challenge will provide participants with cycling information and weekly challenges and prizes to encourage your cycling development.

Each weekly challenge will be hosted by an industry professional, elite athlete, or experienced motivational leader within the cycling community. You can watch short videos by the guest speakers that feature the weekly topic, challenge and prize. Prizes will be relevant for our cycling community and complement the weekly discussion topic.

To enter the weekly challenges and go into the draw to win prizes, staff and students need to join the ACU Cycling Club on the Biketober website.


  1. Register on ACU Life by the Biketober event confirmation form
  2. Register via Biketober
    ACU Sport – National Organisation: ACU Sport
  3. Join the ACU Cycling Club  
  4. Join ACU Sport on Strava 
  5. Watch the weekly video each Monday afternoon. Weekly videos will be available on ACU Sport and The Track social media
  6. Complete activity or challenge (as mentioned by video guest speaker)
  7. Upload activity or challenge to ACU Sport Strava/ACU Cycling Club on Biketober website
  8. Look out for prize winners who will be drawn the following Monday morning, allowing participants a full week to complete the challenge activity and submit their weekly challenge entry

Australasian University Health Challenge

AUHC 600x650

ACU is participating in the Australasian University Health Challenge for the second time and we want you on our team.

Last year you challenged yourself, your friends and your workmates to reach 10,000 steps each day. This year, with your help, we’ll put ACU at the top of the leader board.

Ways to get your steps in:

  • walk/run
  • swim
  • cycle
  • fitness class
  • rowing
  • housework
  • shoot some hoops

Keep an eye out for 2021 dates.

The 8-week Running Challenge

run 600x650 The 8-week Running Challenge, hosted by ACU Sport in conjunction with The Track and ACU Melbourne Running Club, aims to empower ACU Students and Staff to explore different styles of running in a safe and guided environment. This program will provide participants with the information, strategy and motivation to complete each weekly challenge, with the incentive of various prizes aimed to assist in their long-term running development.

Keep an eye out for 2021 dates.