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Create a positive impact on your Sport Club and broader ACU community whilst developing leadership skills and capacity. Students can volunteer in various positions to assist in the development and growth of their sport clubs. ACU Sport encourages students at any stage of their degree to take the lead!

Check out our Sport Volunteer Handbook for more information why you should become involved, how to register your interest, and what is involved. There are loads of benefits!


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As the President of ACU Melbourne Cheerleading club, I have learnt so many skills which are completely relevant to the workforce but also foundational skills I personally believe every professional should have. Not only have I gained life-long memories and made amazing friends, but I have gained so many business and management skills which are invaluable to any workforce. My experience as President looks attractive to employers, but also helped me identify and develop weaknesses which I previously had no idea of. Unlike other contemporary leadership opportunities, ACU Sport staff have always provided ongoing support for me in my role.
Stefan Orfanos
Melbourne Cheer Club President
As President of the Ballarat Netball Club and full-time double degree student, I have been able to assist with the development and growth of the club, both on campus and within two local associations, in partnership with the other members of the executive committee. We have grown from 3 teams in 2018 when I joined the committee to having 10 at the start of 2020, making us one of the largest sporting clubs at ACU Nationally! Plus, we’ve only been a sporting club for the past 4 years!
As we are a small campus, it was important from the beginning to engage with the students and staff by promoting our club and being present and approachable around uni. Through my time as President, I have had the opportunity to develop my leadership capacity and teamwork skills including; communication and time management through planning fundraisers and end of year events, speaking and representing the club at public events, at association meetings and intervarsity sporting events. These are transferable skills for my future career as a Nurse/Paramedic as they are in all professions.
The training, development and assistance we get from the sport staff is great. They’re always happy to answer questions that pop up along the way or give ideas and options to consider.
If you’re interested in personal growth, exciting challenges and working with others, then I highly recommend joining a sporting club and becoming part of the executive committee!
Bridie Flagg
Ballarat Netball Club President