Workout Of The Week

ACU Sport Gym presents Workout of the Week for 6 April March.



06 April 2020



Workout of the Week 3 is here and it’s spelling out a good time Spell your name using the exercises provided, simple Don’t forget to join the WOW 3 Challenge in the ACU Moves App for your chance to win a $50 Tropeaka voucher

A 50 Jumping Jacks
B 20 Crunches
C 30 Squats
D 15 Push Ups
E 1 min wall sit
F 10 Burpees
G 20 Lunges
H 20 Squats
I 30 Jumping Jacks
J 15 Crunches
K 10 Push ups
L 2 min wall sit
M 20 Burpees
N 40 Jumping Jacks
O 25 Burpees
P 20 Lunges
Q 30 Lunges
R 15 push ups
S 30 Burpees
T 15 Squats
U 20 Lunges
V 3 min wall sit
W 20 Burpees
X 60 Jumping Jacks
Y 30 Crunches
Z 20 Push Ups

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