ACU Sport logoACU Sport gym COVID-19 closure

All ACU Sport gym locations are currently closed due to the recommendation and requirements of the Prime Minister and the Department of Health. We will continue to follow their guidance on when and how we can safely and responsibly re-open.

All active memberships have been suspended effective 24 March 2020 and you will not be charged during this period.  If you have questions, please email

We miss you and greatly appreciate your patience during this time. Please stay safe and healthy. 

ACU Sport on demand workouts

Free home workout options

We miss having our community together, but we’re still here for you. Check out our free home workouts to help you keep on track towards your goals.

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ACU Healthy Eating Recipes

Easy recipes from the ACU Sport team

Running out of ideas of what to cook? Check out these healthy recipes to carry you through.

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ACU Moves

ACU Moves is a fitness tracking app designed to get you moving. Find and book fitness classes, get reminders about your health appointments, and keep track of your health goals. Download for iOS or Android.

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ACU Moves connects to other apps, as well as your wearable fitness trackers to track your movements, level of activity, calories burned, distance travelled, workouts completed and more. You can even manually input your activity to have all your health and wellness information in one easy to access place.

Find and book classes at the ACU Sport Gym or access one of the ready-made workouts to do at home. There’s a workout for every level of strength and fitness, so you can access new workouts as your fitness increases or your health goals change.

The app also has another unit of measurement called Moves. This is a measurement of intensity plus duration.

Moves are a way to measure all types of activities. The Moves you collect depend exclusively on the activity you have chosen and how active you are. For example, an easy 10-minute walk will earn you roughly 100 Moves, while a 10-minute run at a low intensity will earn your 200 Moves. Moves are calculated based on the personal data, like weight and height, that you input when you sign up. Moves let you compare your activity with your friends and challenge them for fun. To be healthy, you should aim to collect at least 1000 Moves per day.

Challenge yourself

The app also runs Challenges where you can compete against your friends, yourself or anyone else. There are lots of great prizes to be won by participating.

Got an idea for your own Challenge? Email to discuss.

Already got a fitness tracker?

ACU Moves will interact with your fitness tracking devices and activity tracking apps on your phone if you give permission. This helps ACU Gym staff tailor workouts for you, it will also ensure that all your daily activity and workouts will contribute to any ACU Moves Challenges you are participating in.

Download the app

The ACU Moves app is free and available for download on iOS and Android.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, simply create an account:

  1. Select ‘Create mywellness account’ at the bottom of the first screen when you open the app.
  2. Follow the prompts to enter your personal data. It is important to enter your correct height and weight as this will allow the app to accurately measure your Moves, calories etc.
  3.  Read and accept the terms and conditions, and select ‘Create mywellness account’
  4. Connect apps and devices
  5. Or watch this getting started guide from UniSport Australia:

Any questions can be directed to

Using the app

  1. There are three ways to manually add your fitness data:
  2. Realtime in-app GPS tracking
  3. Do it yourself (real time workout/exercise/class)
  4. Add results (add results after the fact)

Connect to other apps and devices:

To connect, simply select the ‘Connect apps and devices’ tile at the top of the home screen. Select all third-party apps to connect and give permission to share your health data with ACU Moves.

About ACU Moves

ACU Moves is run by ACU Sport and was developed as part of the Healthy Campus Program and UniMoves initiative to promote healthy university communities in Australia.

UniMoves is an initiative in partnership with Sport Australia focused on creating healthier, happier university communities. This is a pilot program with 11 Australian universities which aims to help staff and students alike find their 30 minutes of activity each day in an effort to combat obesity.