Smoothie Operators - Ash - Celery Juice


  • 1 x glass
  • 1 x celery
  • 1 x blender/nutri-bullet or juicer
  • 1 x nut milk bag


  1. Grab two bunches of celery and cut off the base and the top of the stalks.
  2. Wash the celery
  3. Chop the celery stalks into thirds and place them in the base of your high-speed blender/nutri-bullet.
  4. Add 1/4 cup of water and put on the lid. Blend until smooth
  5. Place a clean nut milk bag over the mouth of a pitcher and pour the blended celery through the nut milk bag. Use your hands to squeeze the celery juice through the bag into a glass
  6. Serve the juice immediately and keep any leftovers in a tightly sealed jar in the fridge